Saturday, April 26, 2008


bee2, originally uploaded by blessed_wild_flower.

DOB: 11/2007
DOD: 4/25/2008
Name: Bee Fields Shawl
Yarn: 100% handspun Alpaca, fingering weightish
Yardage: unknown
Color: Watercolors
Place of Birth: Etsy
Place of Death: my dining room table
Cause of Death: ball winder
Reason of Death: ran out of yarn
How far into project: 1/3rd
Primary Suspect: catie -------

Comments: I had begun knitting the Bee Fields Shawl in November of 2007. I had spent a lot of time spinning up 4.8oz of 100% alpaca and I was tired of it. I put it away and knew that I would fall in love with it again someday. That day finally came in early April of 2008. 6 months later. I borrowed the pattern from a friend. She has nothing to do with this, I swear.

I was just finishing up the 'bee hive' section when I noticed the problem. There wasn't going to be enough yarn to finish. Well.... I didn't worry, I had another 3.7oz hank of the same Watercolors colorway. I happily spun it up into 1 smallish skein and 1 large skein. This only took me 2 days to spin 2 singles bobbins and ply them. I reviewed the pattern notes and carefully counted up how many passes on the niddy noddy I had and multiplied by 2. There were ontly 380yards in the new hanks. I then KNEW, I just KNEW.

That night, I persevered thinking that there would be enough. There would be enough. If I just thought I could make it, I would. I studied the pattern and schemed about how I would finish the next 3 patterns in the shawl. I could get past the swarm, but what would I do in the 'Bee in the Field' section. And then came the final edging. I thought about different yarns. I thought about altering the pattern. However, this was too difficult for me. I Knew what I had to do. I knew that I didn't have a choice. I swear, I didn't have a choice!

I got up on Saturday am. 10:30 to be exact. I had my DD#1 hold the shawl, and I did it. I carefully set up my ball winder. I threaded it thru the hook. I laced the beautiful, alpaca yarn thru the slot..... .... and I began to turn. I turned and turned and turned. I carefully held the yarn in my left hand and marveled as it passed thru my fingers. The texture was/is tencel like and tough. It shed a little bit and I had to periodically shake my hand to get rid of the fibers.

After it was over, I reflected that 2mo of work only took 15 minutes to destroy. There. I have told you my story. I am guilty as charged. I have destroyed a work of art. Here is what's left.

That is my testimony.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

I introduce to you "Cockles." My official entry into a lace spinning contest! 57wpi singles and 36 wpi 2-ply. This is a picture of the 2ply.
Approximately 596 yards for 3.7oz. From Sakina's Needles. I love the way the niddy noddy shows me how the colors are going to look knit up!
The spinning project I have in mind is a simple scarf in the Seafoam Pattern from Barbara Walker's 2nd Treasury of Knitting Patterns. I found this pattern in the latest edition of Spin-Off 2008. I chose this pattern because Cockles reminds me of the sea.
I found the color pattern repeats in the roving and divided them in half. The 1st bobbin I spun by stripping a small portion from the roving in long pieces. This created short color pattern repeats. The colors changed very quickly. The 2nd bobbin I spun, I tore off larger color segments for long color repeats. The idea was for the colors to ply thoroughly to create as many different color blends possible. I believe that this will make a FABULOUS seafoam scarf. I will knit this myself to be a gift for a friend who is moving away to her mother's home in VA. Beach.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Bee Fields Shawl

Watercolor roving. 100% alpaca. 2-ply. 25wpi. Spun up for Bee Fields Shawl.

bee2, originally uploaded by blessed_wild_flower.

It has been a long 5 days. The DIY man (aka, Andy, DH, etc) has been in Costa Rica. This is the organization he has been with. And if you are really interested THIS is the blog. 5 days and nights unbroken by any break from the wunderkinds. It has been good, but I am tired.

I was so grateful that last night it rained and washed some of the oak pollen from the air. I felt a good bit of relief, but I am still struggling with what I think is a mild sinus infection. Anyone I have seen in the past 5 days has been asked to lay hands on me and pray. My friends and even children have been so kind to bless me with the love of their prayers so that I could pick up and keep going. And God has been faithful! I have survived and you know what! It hasn't been that bad.

The house is a mess. I hadn't realized till now, how much the DIY man keeps us all going around here. His hands pick up the things that I just can't manage to get done in a day around here. Garbage, occasional dishes, putting the kids to bed, and just his presence........ I can't put words to the value of.

I have knit and spun a lot since DIY man has been gone. I don't have fresh pictures as DIY man took the camera to Costa Rica. I'll just sum up:

Later, catie

Friday, April 18, 2008

Is this really necessary?

Nasal Cleansing Pot, originally uploaded by keek4jc.

In the interests of complete transparency, I bring you..... *drumroll please*...............

A Neti Pot!

I have been absolutely miserable lately with my sinuses. Claritin? check
NO it did not help

Advil and Tylenol?
Sort of. It barely touched the head pain.

It at least put me out of my misery for a while.

Knitting and spinning?
But it just wasn't the same, you know? When you are in a light green h**l

So, I was whining about it to a friend of mine. (She is in her 60's and has kids my age who are far away. Couple her with a gal whose mom is absent, and you have a GREAT combo. She, needing a kid and grandkids, and me.... need a local type mom.) She told me of her secret weapon, the neti pot. She explained the mechanics and I was promptly disgusted. HOWEVER! I am desperate enough to try anything!

Folks. I won't lie to you. Nasty. BUT!!!! What a relief. Temporary yes. But, after I applied the simple physics, my headache was IMMEDIATELY gone.

I felt well enough to jump back into The Bee Fields shawl. It has been 4 months since I last knit that. Handspun alpaca (mine, of course). I got so sick of spinning it that when it came to knitting, I couldn't take it anymore. Hence, it was snoozing. Now, I AM LOVING IT! It is like a fresh new project. (No, pic as camera is in Costa Rica with DH, AND, I have recently had to wipe my harddrive and lost all my pictures)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


allergies, originally uploaded by blessed_wild_flower.

Husband. Out of town. My head. It is about to roll off my neck. Children. They're around here somewhere. School. What does that mean?

FYI, this is not my picture, but it shows my exact feelings for oak pollen. This is the worst I have EVER had it. Don't worry, Claritin, Tylenol, and Advil to the rescue. A dirtly little secret tho, Claritin doesn't really work!

Funny. Yesterday, I got up. My BIL was here spending the night before Andy left. I came downstairs and was so bleary, I stood in the kitchen and could hardly remember if I had gotten dressed yet or not. This was crucial as DH's brother was here. I couldn't even taste my morning Joe. The saddest part is that I LOVE spring. It is just so pretty and bright. Until................ the oaks bloom.......grrrrr


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Terrarium and Sock

My family is gone this Saturday, and I have the luxury of having
lots of time to myself. This rarely happens, so instead of doing housework, as I ought, I am dingin' round the house. A little laundry here, a load of dishes there, a few random pictures of what I have been up to, a bit of blogging, and last but not least....... Eating my lunch in peace with NO interruptions! Glory! There is nothing better!

Pix #1: My terrarium. Love, love, love this thing. A little piece of nature in my kitchen.

Pix #2: Note my OPI toenails in , ahem, "Oh.... to be 25 again!" colorway. Let me tell you, 25 wasn't great. More confusing than the teen years for me let me tell you! But, back to about knitting.... I like the way my toenails EXACTLY match the Rooster Rock, Sheep to Shoe, sock! And I am also excited because this is the 1st try on here and BINGO! It fits perfectly. Tight and firm (wish the bod was that way as was when I was 25).

For those of you who actually know me, y'all know that I have
emphatically stated in the past that , "I am NOT a sock knitter! Nor will I EVER be one!" My how the mighty, proud, know it all have fallen. Gauge was the problem, along with the small needles. Now, I like size 1 needles. I like tiny stitches. I can hardly wait to try a 000 size needle for some delicate kilt hose, or whatever!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Fiddly, fiddly, beads. They warm the cockles of my heart. I can hardly wait for what the finished product will be. 4ish oz, have no idea wpi of 2 ply, lace weight. This is NUTS!

I am entering a contest for lace weight. I got this bobbin full of cobweb singles. Now, I am working on the 2nd bobbin, with beads. I am thinking that this is NOT a good idea. I sprayed beads all over my driveway. Good thing they are cheap!

Monday, April 07, 2008