Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Idea from Dogs,Diapers, and Double Points
that is, Pam

JANUARY, 2007: Went to see mom. For those of you who don't know me, this is a big deal because she lives with my bro and they are both bipolar AND bro and his wife were po'd with me at the time. lovely

FEBRUARY, 2007: DD's 7th birthday. She is so lovely. This dd learned to read this year and I felt like a million bucks. We home school and dd has some diagnosed issues from a neurologist and school psychologist. Things like a low IQ, sensory issues and a little thing in the autism spectrum. She has overcome, IMHO, each of those (tho she still doesn't like her hair brushed, at all).

MARCH: DS turned 3. He potty trained the year before because I just took his pants off and he discovered the joys of a fire hose.

APRIL: Froze my arse off at Holden Beach. A Nor Easter blew thru. The foam was really cool for a newly turned 3 ds to filthify himself in. VT shooting while we were there. Felt so surreal to be so far away and it was happening in our area.

MAY: 10 year anniversary of my father's death. He was my best friend thru mental illness and growing up into womanhood. He died 5 weeks before Andy and I got married. That was hard, but you know what? God has healed that wound now and I am grateful that his life with mom is over. He is in Heaven and he made out like a bandit!!!!

JUNE: We planted a garden this year. Started in April with seeds. We, me and the kids, had so much fun up there. DD #2 made a fort out of the arches from the cherry tomato vines.

JULY: Andy and I have been married a decade this month. I never really thought that I could hold a relationship together for that long. God is good. I love my husband. He bought me a very simple, anniversary band. I cried. A lot!

AUGUST: Yearly trip to Ocean Isle with Andy's family. Let's see. 5 adult children, + spouses, 10 children, 1 set of grandparents..... all in a 5 bedroom house. You do the math. Next year, we at least have a 6 bedroom house, with more children.....

SEPTEMBER: DD #2 turns 6. Awwww. They are growing up. She has been pesting me to learn to read. Now folks. I've been teaching her to read. It don't happen overnight. This kid is brilliant!

OCTOBER: Took my wheel up to Sinkland Farms to do a spinning demonstration. ha ha. Me, at a spinning demo? Miss unorganized? Yup. Had fun with my gal pals!

NOVEMBER: I turned 36. Had a "spin and din" at a dear friends house. I am thinking this should be a new tradition. Invite some gals over, fix food, and hang out! Thanks Dear Friend! oh, yes.... I had to do a last minute T-day.

DECEMBER: School is out!!! We took the month off (we don't take summer off, soooooo). Historically, I get depressed during this time.... but this year, I did great.

I wonder what will be in 2008! Can't wait! Happy New Year! Catie