Monday, December 10, 2007

The magic of handspun.
You get some fluff, disorganized chaos, that has been partially ordered.
You either spin randomly or with much forethought.
Order from chaos.
The fluff, slowly with the treadling and drafting, forms a line.
A thread.
Thin as you can.
Very fragile and will be ripped from your hands if you lose your concentration.
Then, you ply.
And the thread gets stonger.
Much stronger.

Get it on the bobbin.
Fast as you can.
There is knitting to be done.
A creation to be made.
Order from chaos.

Oh, I want to see the yarn.
What the future holds.
I never really knew.
I really couldn't see what the yarn from roving was going to be.

Order from chaos.
Isn't this life.
The stress, the strain, the hardship.....
Dare I say the treadling and drafting of ourselves turns us into strong beautiful works of art.
So we knit.
So we spin.
We create order from chaos.
A little bit of supernatural lessons that come from the natural, of our daily lives.

Ah, at last.
Stretched to the limit.
The stitches can now be seen clearly.
The Master's workmanship.
Clearly seen.
Order from chaos.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Swallowtail Shawl
Interweave Knits Fall 2006
Handspun BFL from Sakina's Needles, Pastel Caesar colorway. I would say sometimes sport weight and sometimes thread weight. I can't seem to spin lace weight with any consistency. Quite hard, actually.

I'll just have you know, that it is cold outside. I have hardly stuck my snoot out in days!!!! If fact, I am thinking that shawls are the way to keep warm in a house that is approximately 65 degrees. I wrap myself up in my Koigu shawl, constantly. I keep it wrapped around my neck like a scarf, only much bigger. On really cold mornings, I might have 2 woolen, shawls wrapped round my neck. I used to think that shawls were just decorative, fruiffy stuff. Not anymore! If I am cold in any kind of dress..... If I am in sweats, I am wearing my shawl. If I am in my pj's, I am in my shawl. I put Miss Koigu here, over my down vest and wear it out. Grocery store, church, on a walk. Don't matter! I wear this shawl, constantly! I am a changed woman! I LOVE shawls.

On another note.... I have sold 2, count 'em, 2 tams. Well... it's not a done deal yet, but my good friend at the library has this one and is going to pay me for it on pay day. If not, then I think I'm just gonna let her have it. I have known her FOREVER and I just want her to have it. The other one (dd#1's, can't believe she would have let me sold it right off her head), is for another acquaintance. Good grief! She will be ready for hers in January. I guess I had better get knitting away. This means I have to make at least, 2 more tams. Thank you Knit Picks Palette!