Saturday, April 26, 2008


bee2, originally uploaded by blessed_wild_flower.

DOB: 11/2007
DOD: 4/25/2008
Name: Bee Fields Shawl
Yarn: 100% handspun Alpaca, fingering weightish
Yardage: unknown
Color: Watercolors
Place of Birth: Etsy
Place of Death: my dining room table
Cause of Death: ball winder
Reason of Death: ran out of yarn
How far into project: 1/3rd
Primary Suspect: catie -------

Comments: I had begun knitting the Bee Fields Shawl in November of 2007. I had spent a lot of time spinning up 4.8oz of 100% alpaca and I was tired of it. I put it away and knew that I would fall in love with it again someday. That day finally came in early April of 2008. 6 months later. I borrowed the pattern from a friend. She has nothing to do with this, I swear.

I was just finishing up the 'bee hive' section when I noticed the problem. There wasn't going to be enough yarn to finish. Well.... I didn't worry, I had another 3.7oz hank of the same Watercolors colorway. I happily spun it up into 1 smallish skein and 1 large skein. This only took me 2 days to spin 2 singles bobbins and ply them. I reviewed the pattern notes and carefully counted up how many passes on the niddy noddy I had and multiplied by 2. There were ontly 380yards in the new hanks. I then KNEW, I just KNEW.

That night, I persevered thinking that there would be enough. There would be enough. If I just thought I could make it, I would. I studied the pattern and schemed about how I would finish the next 3 patterns in the shawl. I could get past the swarm, but what would I do in the 'Bee in the Field' section. And then came the final edging. I thought about different yarns. I thought about altering the pattern. However, this was too difficult for me. I Knew what I had to do. I knew that I didn't have a choice. I swear, I didn't have a choice!

I got up on Saturday am. 10:30 to be exact. I had my DD#1 hold the shawl, and I did it. I carefully set up my ball winder. I threaded it thru the hook. I laced the beautiful, alpaca yarn thru the slot..... .... and I began to turn. I turned and turned and turned. I carefully held the yarn in my left hand and marveled as it passed thru my fingers. The texture was/is tencel like and tough. It shed a little bit and I had to periodically shake my hand to get rid of the fibers.

After it was over, I reflected that 2mo of work only took 15 minutes to destroy. There. I have told you my story. I am guilty as charged. I have destroyed a work of art. Here is what's left.

That is my testimony.


Diana said...

Oh, I am so sorry!! I wonder though if you could do the stole instead. You could actually stop at any point mainly the point that you run out of yarn! Sorry, I know thats not funny. Hey, you are not alone. I have destroyed many a project for one reason or another after finishing the majority of it. Like the Icelandic shawl for me fairly recently.

IndigoMuse said...

How heartbreaking :( I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I have enough to finish the second section of my handspun Morning Glory Knitspot shawl. You'll find another worthy project I'm sure.