Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Fiddly, fiddly, beads. They warm the cockles of my heart. I can hardly wait for what the finished product will be. 4ish oz, have no idea wpi of 2 ply, lace weight. This is NUTS!

I am entering a contest for lace weight. I got this bobbin full of cobweb singles. Now, I am working on the 2nd bobbin, with beads. I am thinking that this is NOT a good idea. I sprayed beads all over my driveway. Good thing they are cheap!


Robin said...

ooooooh Catie!! LOVE IT!!

Nikki said...

beaded laceweight?!? you are nuts!! And I love it!

KnitNana said...

What pretty pretty beads...can't wait to see the end result!