Saturday, April 12, 2008

Terrarium and Sock

My family is gone this Saturday, and I have the luxury of having
lots of time to myself. This rarely happens, so instead of doing housework, as I ought, I am dingin' round the house. A little laundry here, a load of dishes there, a few random pictures of what I have been up to, a bit of blogging, and last but not least....... Eating my lunch in peace with NO interruptions! Glory! There is nothing better!

Pix #1: My terrarium. Love, love, love this thing. A little piece of nature in my kitchen.

Pix #2: Note my OPI toenails in , ahem, "Oh.... to be 25 again!" colorway. Let me tell you, 25 wasn't great. More confusing than the teen years for me let me tell you! But, back to about knitting.... I like the way my toenails EXACTLY match the Rooster Rock, Sheep to Shoe, sock! And I am also excited because this is the 1st try on here and BINGO! It fits perfectly. Tight and firm (wish the bod was that way as was when I was 25).

For those of you who actually know me, y'all know that I have
emphatically stated in the past that , "I am NOT a sock knitter! Nor will I EVER be one!" My how the mighty, proud, know it all have fallen. Gauge was the problem, along with the small needles. Now, I like size 1 needles. I like tiny stitches. I can hardly wait to try a 000 size needle for some delicate kilt hose, or whatever!


Pam! said...

glad to see you back to blogging ... oh and muhahahahaha ... you are now a sock knitter!

Robin said...

Lovely sock...and toes! You are way ahead of me on painting them though, guess I'd better get on the ball!
Love your terrarium too!

KnitNana said...

Sock knitting is addictive. And I love the size 1s too! Hope your day continued to be lovely!

IndigoMuse said...

I've missing seeing your beautiful WIPs. You inspire me with your incredible sense of color and creativity. Glad that you're doing well.