Sunday, April 20, 2008

Bee Fields Shawl

Watercolor roving. 100% alpaca. 2-ply. 25wpi. Spun up for Bee Fields Shawl.

bee2, originally uploaded by blessed_wild_flower.

It has been a long 5 days. The DIY man (aka, Andy, DH, etc) has been in Costa Rica. This is the organization he has been with. And if you are really interested THIS is the blog. 5 days and nights unbroken by any break from the wunderkinds. It has been good, but I am tired.

I was so grateful that last night it rained and washed some of the oak pollen from the air. I felt a good bit of relief, but I am still struggling with what I think is a mild sinus infection. Anyone I have seen in the past 5 days has been asked to lay hands on me and pray. My friends and even children have been so kind to bless me with the love of their prayers so that I could pick up and keep going. And God has been faithful! I have survived and you know what! It hasn't been that bad.

The house is a mess. I hadn't realized till now, how much the DIY man keeps us all going around here. His hands pick up the things that I just can't manage to get done in a day around here. Garbage, occasional dishes, putting the kids to bed, and just his presence........ I can't put words to the value of.

I have knit and spun a lot since DIY man has been gone. I don't have fresh pictures as DIY man took the camera to Costa Rica. I'll just sum up:

Later, catie


Skeinky said...

I'm really considering making Bee fields...can't decide. It would be pretty in Malabrigo lace weight in color pollen, yes?

KnitNana said...

Looking forward to see your Bee Fields!
Glad you're feeling better...

Diana said...

I guess I'm a little late to seeing your blog back in action! But now I have it on my google reader. You're Bee Fields will be gorgeous since I have had the pleasure of seeing it myself!