Monday, June 09, 2008

You know it's hot when.................

You know it's hot when:

  • Your dog has drank so much water, it doesn't even realize it has to go and pees on your Aubusson rug.
  • You forgot the dog probably needed to go out because you didn't want to open the sw facing door FOR ANY REASON.
  • You also don't want to open the sw facing door to let kids play in the kiddy pool, for same aforementioned reason. They think any door is revolving and they must be able to have complete access to anywhere AT anytime, at ALL times. Regardless of Mom crying out that it is hotter than the blazes out there and MAKE UP YOUR MIND!
  • DH thinks it is cold in the bedroom when it is 84 degrees.
  • You can't sleep with DH because he is hot, snoring, and restless (he wasn't cold, what IS his problem).
  • You sleep on the downstairs couch with window open and at 4:30am, the Siamese cat starts to meow at you from the other side, cuz the window is open and she can smell you. You are rather ripe after all.

  • You know you need lots of H2O in heat like this, but this causes the post, have had 3 baby bladder to feel the need to pee.
  • You barely get pants down in time, cuz they stick.
  • You stick on the porcelain.
  • Can barely pull them up, yet again, sticking. End up doing a 'happy dance' pulling them up, much to the entertainment of 4 yo son who has yet to leave you alone while you do any sort of personal business.
  • You carry the Aubusson rug out the SW facing door to rinse it well with vinegar and water to kill the pee smell, which, if left unattended, would flow thru the house in a matter of hours.
  • DH decides to vacuum under where the Aubusson rug was and made the entire downstairs at least 3-4 degrees hotter due to the exhaust.
  • You are hungry, but, the idea of cooking makes eating a bad idea.
  • Alas, you ARE hungry. You boil noodles and the steam kills the appetite of the entire family. Noodles you say? That was nuts. Well.... there was truly nothing else to eat and going to the store and walking across that hot pavement didn't bear pondering.
  • You decide to do something relaxing, like knit. Good idea in theory, but the yarn refuses to slip thru your fingers due to excess hand moisture.
  • You must give up on all projects but socks, as wool in the lap is intolerable.
  • You break a sweat while blogging.

Current temp of upstairs: 88 deg F.

Current temp of downstairs: 85 deg F.

Mental status: sane, barely

Plans for tomorrow: made dental appts for kids so we could go somewhere with a/c

What are those pictures: Well, with no knitting to show, I thought I would flash some hand spun stash!


Betriska said...

Hi Catie!
It's me - Betty. I need to talk to somebody. Can you call me? Email me and I'll send you my phone number!

Betriska said...

My email address might be helpful! :o)

KnitNana said...

Oh hon...I'm sooooooo sorry you're without a/c! This is the worst possible weather, I'm praying it does break today, as they promise!

I LOVE that last pink/lavender yarn you've already spun up! GORGEOUS!

(The Siamese would have known you were there, ripe or not, you know! *wink*)

Jenny Raye said...

UGH! No A/C?!?!? I am so sorry! We're steaming here, too. Every time I go out I hear of at least one person who has no a/c or their a/c is on the fritz. Not pretty with heat index over 110 F. Supposed to get a respite of lower temp and humidity tomorrow--hope you all feel the change too!