Thursday, June 12, 2008

Been doing many things these last couple of days.
Setting twist and finishing yarn to knit.
Trying to figure out what to knit with 150 yards of orange, hand spun boucle. Ideas? Anyone? Anyone?
Finishing up sock #1 of An American in China sock. Sport weight yarn. Size 4 needles. Wool by David Simpson in Carnival colorway.
The closest yarn, that I have seen, to resemble this yarn is Alice Starmores from her Virtual Yarns website. The yarn is multi-faceted and complex. You can make it stripe, or better yet, let it spin as it would and it creates it's own heathered color.
The DIY Man socks. Again, David Simpsons fiber, 3ply, light fingering, size 1 needles. I really spun this yarn way too tight and it is quite ropey. BUT! I have learned that sock yarn should be spun tightly to help it wear longer! So, Andy gets rough socks. It might even wear the hair off his legs.

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KnitNana said...

Wow. A pair of toe-ups and another cuff-down?
Amazing, woman.