Monday, June 23, 2008

Here is the the best buy I got at Sedalia Fiber Festival. Natural 100% alpaca, brown and silver. Probably the prettiest, softest, most luxurious yarn I have ever knit with. It was a great buy as well. $22 for 660 yards. I got 3 skeins. More than enough to make a sweater and maybe some mittens, hat, and socks as well.

I like the way the stitches are. I am going to need a camisole or something underneath it. Very drapey, and just the tiniest bit see through.
I CO another sock. This time Marcelo's Seven-League Boots for DD #1. Leftover sport weight yarn. I have so much of this yarn, I can probably knit another pair of adult socks for a Christmas present.
My latest acquisition from CyberFyber, aka, David Simpson. Aura. It is going to be lace weight for my second attempt at the Bee Fields Shawl. I MADE SURE I had enough material for it this time. Almost 1.5lbs, more or less. These are the 1st 2 skeins of what I think will probably be 8-10 skeins.
This is what I call my 'found' alpaca. The lady from Riveranna Farms gave it to me. I had just made a small purchase and she said to take from her bags of 2nds..... as long as I didn't spin it.
Folks, giving me fiber and telling me not to attempt to spin it is ludicrous. I told her I was going to spin it. She said I could have it as long as I *wink, wink* promised not to spin it. Okey, dokey....*wink, wink* I won't spin it. There you see, I haven't *wink* spun it.

I had all kinds of funny things to tell you about, but, blogger failed me when the creative juices were flowing earlier. The dingbat pictures refused to upload. Lost all the fun stuff. So, the driest, knitting post ever. Hope to do better for you next time, Dear Reader.

Your Friend,



Dani said...

The alpaca is knitting up lovely! I like the colours

KnitNana said...

Pretty pretty!

Diana said...

Your new blue background is a nice summery touch.
Love all the knit/spin stuff. You are so prolific and you are busier than me at home. How do you produce it all?
I too got anotehr yarn for Bee Fields (stole though). I wanted white!

Jenny Raye said...

Alpaca is wonderfully yummy, isn't it? I just ordered some alpaca/wool mix for a sweater......can't wait!