Friday, June 06, 2008

Guess who is going to knit?

A "Little Bo Peep."

She has actually done quiet well. Amelia Joy,(aka DD#1, aka Bee, aka Mia, aka Mia Bee's, aka Budget) is 8 and is starting to get the dexterity to do this OK. I still have to sit right beside her and chant, "In, around, out, off. In, around, out, off." over and over. But you know what?
She is one of us now.
ps: She is knitting with Nikki's handspun!


Nikki said...

aw!! yeah for her!!

KnitNana said...

YEAH!!!! That's the way to go, Budget!

Diana said...

Well, good for her. Tell her I am very proud and I know she will knit a very pretty scarf. Tell her Brian likes to knit too!!

IndigoMuse said...

Nikki's handspun looks really nice. Yippie, another convert :) You go girl.