Wednesday, June 04, 2008


tornado!, originally uploaded by Relentless_Photography.

God is GOOD! Here's the story:

Last night the DIY man was on the computer, kids watching a video and I was on the phone with Tanya. My friend and I had been speaking for quite sometime when she said a storm with lightning was at her house and she needed to get off the phone. NBD. Until I looked out the window.....

The sky to the west was completely black. I tell the DIY man to come and see. He leisurely gets up and says, "Yup, it's dark out there." I went upstairs for something, I don't remember what.... I went into the girls room and whammy. It was on us. I lost all visibility out the girls window. There was a HUGE white oak that my grandma planted 70ish years ago and is slated, by the city or Rke., for destruction. I put my hand out, in prayer, to the tree and asked God to keep the tree up.

As fast as the storm came, it was gone. Less than a minute or 2. VERY scary. Hail, wind, no visibility. After it was over, we looked out the garage. A big, but more minor, limb had come down and missed my car by inches. Across the street a very healthy maple had dropped huge limbs in the road. But! our white oak still stands and dropped not a major limb. I couldn't believe it.

Later, we found out that 1/2 mile away, a tornado touched down. There hasn't been a tornado here for almost 40 years. I am sure Sallee has something to say about this, as it came close to her as well.


KnitNana said...

Far worse I think on this side than yours, and it wasn't fun where you were...I knit right thru it!
But...from the edge of our property up the hill was completely blocked off for downed trees and demolished cars...and over towards the mountain it was worse.
I'm so glad your oak survived!!
(not to mention all of you!)
I LOVE your photo - what a hoot!

Diana said...

I was knitting on my backporch through that storm. I love to be out there when it's raining! Sure glad your tree made it safely through. It seems several did not in our area.

IndigoMuse said...

Holy shitake mushrooms! I had no idea that you got the brunt of that storm. Guess it never registered that it would have touched down near your house. Our sky got really dark and the lightning and thunder scared us to death but nothing more than that. I'm so glad that you and your are okay.

Jenny Raye said...

Yikes! Didn't move through east/central Va until after midnight last night, but it brought me out of a dead sleep. High winds and hail, but nothing like what you had. We had our tornadoes (I can never remember if that is just 's' or 'es'.) earlier in the month. So unusual for our state.

Glad you, knitnana and Diana are all okay!