Monday, October 22, 2007

We had fun at Sinkland Farms Fall Harvest Festival!!!! That's me! I was freezing! I had on the Cinchy Hat and Rogue!
Pam was hot! It was gusty and it would have been quite pleasant without all the wind and the dust it blew up. We had a great time bonding with each other and teaching as we got the chance. From left to right: me, Christy, Nikki, Pam and Regina (sorry, Babe, you got cut off).
All of the Sakina Needles BFL has been spun up, set, and is presently being knitted into the back. The gauge is 5st/in on a size 5 needle. As you can see, it is going to be multicolored and knit side to side vs. top to bottom. Lots of stockinette without much flash, but the yarn is the star of the show!!!

This is a quickie. No time to add in links. Later, catie


Nikki said...

gosh it looks like we had fun!! Actually, it was great company but so so weather...

your sweater's looking great!!

jody said...

we ALMOST went out to that!!! but we decided against it b/c we were tired and knew it would be a zoo-rats! i had no idea there would be wooly things going on!! usually it is the "same old, same old"-we used to live right near sinkland farms. Oh well-some day! let me know if you'll be "demo-ing" any other places nearby! :)

Dana said...

Your photos are great and it looks like Sinkland was fun! It's a shame about the dust, but that didn't appear to stop you folks at all.

The sweater is beautiful!