Thursday, October 18, 2007

Rogue and a letter.

Done! I had talked trash about giving Rogue away. Nope, not gonna do it. Gonna be selfish and wear her everyday this autumn/winter. Oh, yeah. Check out my purty, little toes at the bottom of the picture. ha

Oh, and guess what. I got a letter yesterday. Remember the wreck I had. Well, the lady is asking for money. Evidently, they have gotten themselves into financial trouble. *sigh*
Remember, I hit an empty, parked car. I feel terrible, but they have already settled with insurance. I would love to help them, but, we payed a lot of money to get my car fixed, my husbands car is due to die any day (it is only going due to prayer, hard work, and duct tape). So......... any of you out there who pray.... pray for me today. Pray that my anxiety level will go down and that I can say what I need to say, clearly, kindly, and succinctly. Thanks.

Enough bout me. How are y'all? catie


IndigoMuse said...

You're gonna love wearing Rogue. So glad to see her finished. Can't wait to see her on you.

Prayers coming at you...

Nikki said...

Rogue is beautiful! I'm so glad you're keeping her!! as for the letter... I'm praying too :)

jody said...

just rember, THEIR financial trouble is not YOUR responsibility-even if you did hit their car. they have insurance for a reason.

and i like your sweater :)

Dana said...

Rogue is just gorgeous and after all that work, you've earned the pleasure of wearing it.

Sorry to hear about the letter; you hang in there.

Diana said...

What a great decision to keep the sweater!!! Looks wonderful.
Man! Car troubles ..... wanna buy VW Bug?