Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Where, oh where, has little catie cat gone? Where, oh where, can she be?

Finish spinning the BFL for a sweater.
Trouble shooting stupid computer after DSL connection installed.
Cooking dinner.
Hunting furiously thru house for Dell disks.
Dealing with the MILK MAN.
Lost my keys.
Doing math for side-to-side sweater.
Talking to Panama where the computer tech for Dell is and dropping a cool $50 for his help.
Spend 2, count em, 2 hours on phone with computer geek.
Trying to access Ravelry and afore said stupid, computer lost my sign in name and password.
Waiting for stupid Ravelry to e-mail it to me, and it not coming.
Trying to make my flash work on new digital camera, and NOT succeeding.
Trying to upload picture of Rogue to blogger, and not succeeding.
Dieting and NOT eating today because I am so, stinking busy.
Looking forward to a run when Andy gets home.

Being able to upload pictures faster to Blogger..... priceless? It is costing me a ton of money.


KnitNana said...

And for those of us in the KNOW...you're having a time!
Hang in there, sweetie!

IndigoMuse said...

Sorry you had a lousy day. Hope that today is better. And what kinda trouble are you having with the Milkman? I have my own issues with him and am curious to know what your's are.

Dana said...

Milk man? I had no idea that such a service even existed anymore. That's a hoot! ('Tho I'm sorry you're having problems with him).

I hope your computer acts right, your camera flashes, and you have a much better day tomorrow!