Thursday, October 25, 2007


Dinner: Pintos and Cornbread
School: Homemade playdough (bout broke my arm cooking it)
Entertainment: Practicing for the cookie cutting to come this December
Art: Back of Sakina Sweater. Arm stitches are live on waste yarn. Working front now at odd bits and moments.
So far, a very productive morning. Later, catie


Dana said...

Dinner sounds great! What time should I arrive? LOL

Homemade Playdough? Ummmm...are you a glutton for punishment or are your kids so well behaved that they won't plaster it on the walls or grind it into the carpet (as mine did)? ;)

Diana said...

The kids eat Pinto's? Mine wouldn't unless they were in chili. You're such a good mom to make playdough and that makes me a bad mom since I never have.
Sweater colors are great! You are so fast with the fiber!!!

KnitNana said...

very productive and the pintos and cornbread sound yummy!