Wednesday, September 05, 2007

egypt, mummies, and fiber

Yep. I am still around. Just lost in getting my car fixed, dealing with my mother, and a 6yo birthday busyness. Not to mention regular homeschooling work.

So, today we flooded the Nile. We have been studying Egypt. Some of the new terms, such as: flood, delta, silt etc... are best learned this way. This is just some dirt, foil, grass seed and good ole H20. Later, after germination (another good term), we are going to make miniature pyramids. Cool, huh? I just have to say, this curriculum I am using also has a 'recipe' for mummifying a chicken. And YES, I am going to do it.

Knitting and spinning continuing as usual. Just less time for 1 hobby, so the blogging is taking backseat to the actual fiber stuff. I do miss you all though. Hope you are all well. catie


Nikki said...

How fun!! I want to mummify a chicken... OK. Maybe I'll just enjoy your mummified chicken. I want pictures and details when the time comes...

KnitNana said...

Um. I presume you don't EAT the chicken after it's mummified?
Please tell me that?

IndigoMuse said...

Both of the boys have mummified chickens at school. They loved it!

Your family is in my prayers. Missin' ya.

Dana said...

Okayyyy. Not to doubt your credibility, Catie, but I'll believe in a mummified chicken when I see a mummified chicken. LOLOL (Wouldn't you rather mummify something smaller?). Your Egypt studies sound wonderful.

Happy, happy, happy birthday to Miss Maddy!