Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Oh, dear

Well........ I totaled my car along with someone else's. Yes, the kids were in the car with me. Yes, we were all wearing our seat belts. Yes, we are all fine, not hurt at all. No, there was no one in the other car. What, you say? How can that be. Well, Catie the wunderkind driver HIT A PARKED CAR! Don't ask me how I did it. I have been recounting the tale to multiple cops, multiple insurance people, and multiple neighbors and friends. Let's just say, I was taking my time, sipping my decaf, sugar free, non-fat vanilla latte (venti size, in case you were wondering).... girls talking me ear off, and then WHAMMY! I was at a complete stop with the crunch you see here. Yes, I have a ticket and a court date.

5 cop cars showed up, an ambulance, AND a ladder truck. Yeesh. I was crying like the girl I am. Andy showed up and (I think I am married to the most capable man in America) proceeded to pull off the hanging parts of my car, clean up glass, and generally do what he does best.... getting the job done! He wasn't even mad at me, yet.

The good news is that Andy got kind of whigged out about money, but then, after realizing that he was just gonna have to trust God to provide our needs...... he saw that this could be an opportunity for faith, not fear. He hasn't even been staying up all night worrying. We'll see if this lasts.

The insurance guy tells me that we are $30 shy of a total. Car got towed to Hart, yes JH, my red van is coming for a visit. I know y'all will take good care of her, probably to the junk yard after you autopsy her first.

So, I am home bound with the kids. We are doing school, house work and I am spinning a bunch in the driveway that has nothing in it. So, the kids have a great place to razor and ride their bikes. I am lonely, anyone for a knit date? I'll feed you, I promise!

I am back to knitting like a fiend on Andy's Ecowool, raglan in a 2x2 rib. BORING! I got sleeves attached and am proceeding to finish it.. Oh yeah, it is knit in the round.

So, that is why I have been so quiet. I am alive, well, and doing school. catie


jody said...

Oh Catie! I'm so sorry! I had a friend who totalled both her car and the person's she hit-WHICH WAS PARKED IN A DRIVEWAY. This was in high school-she had to go ring their doorbell (they were strangers-not like she was visiting them or anything)and tell them what happened AND ask to use their phone to call her parents. Ugh. Hang in there-I'm glad you are all ok!!!

Gina said...

Thank goodness the family is ok! Whew!

KnitNana said...

I'm glad everyone's okay. Cars can be replaced.

Pam! said...

Thanks goodness everyone is okay! (except for the van, of course)
I think I live in your area, perhaps around the corner from you ... if you need anything let me know and I'd be glad to help out any way I can. (need a ride to knit night?)

Anonymous said...

10am 8/29 Just read your blog. I sent the link to Carl and he was calling the body shop as I hung up. He will do everything he can - try not to worry too much!! Call if you need anything!!

Dana said...

First and foremost, everyone's fine - - the rest is just details. I'm glad to hear that your DH coped well (a lot better than mine did when I came home in a 'kidney-shaped' car). Someday this will be a distant memory - - hang in there!

IndigoMuse said...

So sorry to hear about your accident. I'm glad that everyone is okay. Call me if you want someone to chat with. I'm here most of the time but can't get away until school starts next week.

Diana said...

It will all come together OK. Just glad no one was hurt. I've hit a parked car before when I had 2 toddlers in the back seat! Plus it was about 100 ft from my own driveway!
It' a done deal and all will be well.