Monday, August 20, 2007

School has begun. Lots of Language Arts and a little Math. A side order of Play-Doh.

Alas, blogging isn't the only thing that has been neglected. Minstrel has had no attention lately. Notice all the bags and boxes around her! More school.

Math manipulatives. Mia is getting ready for subtraction and double digit adding. Maddy is just beginning addition. MY manipulatives, ie: knitting needles, are neglected as well

I did get to see Gina at Mosaic on Saturday.

Good mindless knitting. Perfect for school. I can sit down, give an assignment, and attempt to do a little garter stitch. This is going to be the Ramblin Rows afghan. The last afghan I knit was in the early 90's and was a mauve/rose color. Gross. I never did finish the thing. It even went to China with me when I taught English there. Acrylic.

Now I can check item # 223 off my list of to-do today. Gotta fly! c


Nikki said...

Now you can't show us a Mosaic bag and not share what you bought!!

Your afghan is very pretty, too!

Good luck with school... and once it cools down some you'll start spinning again. (says the girl who's very new at it! :) )

KnitNana said...

I presume you bought the yarn for the afghan at Mosaic? But you don't REALLY say so...
School days, school days! I'm really ready for fall!

jody said...

we start school in just 9 short hours-and i am not doing great with that. i just hate sending them off, especially after having the summer together. and Thing 2 is starting kindergarten so now i will have 2 gone and i will be lonely. however, i MAY just be victoious over the dust and caught up on the laundry for the first time in months so it may end up a good thing, sort of. hope your week is going well! and i'm sad you didn't tell me you were coming to b'burg! i would've come down to the shop to meet you since i live like a mile and a half away!!

Dana said...

I was thinking exactly what Nikki wrote! I haven't yet been to Mosaic (heard wonderful things about it), so it was an extra tease for me to see the bag and not know the contents. :)

School sounds like it's chugging along for everyone. Hopefully all your routines will get squared away and you'll be able to carve out some "me" time for spinning.

Your afghan looks great.