Thursday, August 09, 2007

6 reasons I hate about being Me

1st of all: It's hotter than CRAP in my house. Downstairs with the a/c unit in the dining room, it is ABOVE 80 degrees where the computer is right now. Upstairs, the last time I checked at 10 am, it was 81 degrees. When I went to bed last night, it was 89 degrees upstairs and a frigid 79 when I woke up (due to the exhaust fan that gets deployed at bedtime).

2nd of all: I am a 2nd job widow right now. I have been whiny and cranky due to the heat, kids, lack of a break, and a fast from my best buddy, Andy. My husband. He is a FABULOUS worker. Maybe a little too fabulous as I have hardly seen him in 3 weeks. Sallee, Yes that was not a figment of my imagination, you saw him last night at Ukrops on the ONE night I managed to wheedle him to stay home. Oh..... He paints houses. And right now, we are up to our eyeballs in jobs.

3rdly: My ding bat brother-in-law has been using this AOL account at all hours of the day for hours on end. IE: Catie gets absolutely NO ONLINE TIME!

4thly: After a 3 week school hiatus, we are back in school. A new 2nd grader and a 1st grader, and a dissatisfied 3yo who really wants some attention for himself.... so, we have begun "preschool." That is basically a big letter 'A' on a large piece of construction paper and a draw a few things that start with 'A' and a snack with the letter 'A'.

5thly: My knitting is going terrible. I have words, words that are most undignified that I would use, but won't (due to the delicate constitution of some other knitters ears/eyes that are more kind, gracious, ladylike than myself). I have ripped out Zimmerman's Surprise Baby Jacket more times than I can count. Of course, me being who I am, never do anything the easy way. I HAVE to use handspun. Not because of any reason other than my pride! Oh yeah, I forgot to say this. I actually (hold on folks, this is really a horror moment), by accident, CUT A HOLE IN BELLA WHEN I WAS TRIMMING AN END TO A NEW BALL OF YARN.

6thly: I am shopping deprived. OK. So I have a list of things I desperately want.

1. Light, cordless vacuum. This is for light, daily cleaning of the hard wood floors.
2. Pair of Birkenstock to wear with my hand knit socks, which are few and far between as I have found myself not REALLY a sock knitter.
3. New book. Romantic Hand Knits. This should light up our married life a bit!
4. I Pod. Speaks for itself.

*sigh* I think me and the kids are going to B&N for the book!

So, gentle readers, these are my reasons, er, excuses for not posting lately. No time to post a picture, sorry, nothing to show...

That said, I am now going to go in the back yard and eat worms.


IndigoMuse said...

I've been eyeballing that Romantic Handknits book too. Amazon prices are hard to beat. Get yourself some me time, even if it means getting up early or staying up late. Recharge those batteries.

KnitNana said...

This heat is going to wilt us all. I'm honored I got to meet Andy last night (he's really neat, all y'all in blogland!), and I was impressed that the kids were calm and not antsy b/c the "adults" were talking! :)
Hon, it'll get better. Think of the $$ from the painting jobs?

jody said...

cvqgo w/ a swiffer vac-it is cordless, has a vac that sucks stuff up AND the cloth thingy which grabs he fine stuff that doesn't get vac'd up-i used it EVERY SINGLE DAY when we lived in our all wood floor house. and my knitting has been blahsville lately too and thus, so has the blog...

Diana said...

It's OK not to like yourself a bit on occasion since you've got plenty folks that do like ya to make up for it!
I feel the heat too. No AC upstairs here and no exhaust fan! It's more than awful.
The knitting mistakes can make for some stress too. I got those plus I keep dreaming of yarn and stuff I think I've got problems!!!

Dana said...

The "eat worms" sentence left me tearing up with laughter. From the sounds of it all, you're having one of "those" weeks. I'm a second job widow too, so I can relate to missing the MOTH.

Birkenstocks...I bought my first ever Birkenstocks (two pairs) just this week and I bought them for less than the price of a single pair at Valley View Mall. How? Ebay. "NIB" = new in box

I can't help you with the heat, I'm sorry to say, and my vacuum is being held together with electrical tape (wanted the Birki's more). Hang in'll get better very soon.