Thursday, August 02, 2007

Life has settled down quite a bit! Kids went to Grandma's house yesterday and I spun the rest of Grandma's Garden ALL DAY LONG!!! Still plying it up, but should be done after I finish this entry. BTW, Grandma's Garden is the EXACT color of this dragon fly. Isn't that cool! It isn't often you see turquoise in nature, at least, here in VA. Only God could make a color that original!

My eldest dd has been capturing these dragon flies. It is kind of fun to look at them up close. Their wings are so delicate it is amazing that they can fly.
As for me, besides spinning, I have been figuring out what to do with the tomatoes that are coming in. I have put up 6 quarts in the freezer so far. I am lazy and so I don't peel the skins off. Just a quick wash and then a quick dice. Sock some salt to them, put them into Mason jars and away to the freezer we go.

Here we have some of the grape tomatoes. They are about half the sides of Roma's or paste tomatoes. I found a quick method for drying them in the oven. I am fantasizing about my Italian Meatloaf recipe that has sun dried tomatoes in them. Next I am going to figure out how to preserve my fresh basil. I am thinking of buzzing it up in the food processor with some olive oil and freezing it in ice cube trays. Imagine one of those being dropped into a stew this winter!

I leave you with this picture that Andy took at the beach a couple of weeks ago. I gotta get back to cleaning house and spinning. Oh yeah, gotta feed my kids some lunch. Y'all have a great day and thanks for stopping by. Catie


Dana said...

I have to ask this question...what make/model is your digital camera? You regularly upload striking photos, e.g. the dragonfly.

Mmmmm...dried tomatoes & fresh basil in winter sounds wonderful.

Looking forward to seeing Grandma's Garden yarn soon.

KnitNana said...

Quickest and best way to store basil is just to tear the leaves into bitesized pieces and freeze in icecube trays - then pop the icecubes into a ziplock bag...don't even worry about the olive oil - add that fresh when you're cooking!