Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A new method

So.... We had hard boiled eggs for lunch today. Let me preface my story by telling you how smart dd #2 is. She puts A+B=C together, real easy. This axiom just applies to stuff she wants to know, not home school work. Ahem....

As I was saying, we had hard-boiled eggs for lunch today. As my children were consuming them at record speed, Maddy (dd#2) was telling me all she knew about where chicks come from. She asked if the yoke was the chick, I said "no", and she remembered that the daddy had not given the egg it's seed. You know where this is going. She continues by making the astute observation that the daddy chicken would need a pipe to get his seed to the egg. I paused, kept my face straight and just listened to her. Then, she asked me how her daddy........ I HAD to use all the correct terminology and everything. THEN, she asked me if that was the way mommy got a baby... IE: the pipe method.

Gee Whiz. The kid is 5 and knows more about accurate biology than the average 13 yo. She understands perfectly how it all works. I am horrified.

On the knitting front, I have nothing, repeat, nothing on the needles. Oh yes, except the last vestiges of Rogue. I have to buy 1 more skein of Knitpicks at 1.99 a ball to finish. I jsut can't bring myself to pay more for shipping than the yarn itself.

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