Thursday, June 21, 2007

Here is another spinner! Thank God, that is NOT what spinning makes us!
This little, garden spider is setting up shop between my boxwood. Right next to my porch swing where I spend most of my time outside. She is dutifully protecting me from all the nasty, disease carrying mosquitoes that have arrived in Virginia this time of year. I have had to protect her 'property rights' from would be assassins; namely, my children. Little Spinner protects me as I spin and knit as my children play out on the porch. They should be grateful.
These pink, grey, and black socks are supposedly for a dear friend of mine. She has rather large feet. However, my struggles with a fiend called 'gauge' might even cause these socks to not fit her feet. Maybe Andy's feet..... What do you think? Can Andy handle pink, footy socks?

I don't really have much on the needles currently, *sigh*. It is sad really, I have been looking for a cotton cardigan to make and am not having much luck finding a pattern that suits me. I do of course realize that I haven't looked that hard, as of yet.

I would really like to do a lace cardigan to wear in the Spring to church. Something light and airy. Y'all know of any good patterns and don't mind heading me in the right direction? I would appreciate all input.

I have never knit with cotton before. Only with wools, other animal fiber, and acrylics. So, I don't know how is stretches etc.....

This here is some new handspun that I bought from
David. It is called Inner Journey. I followed the directions in the newest edition of Spin Off, and made a self-striping yarn. I am quite pleased with the results!!!

I was beating the bushes for a scarf pattern suitable for my manly man husband, and Inner Journey just wasn't cooperating. She, ahem, He wants to be a hat and fingerless gloves. I am such a slave to my fiber. I will do whatever it wants me to do.

I do worry, however, that Andy, my man's man, will find his Inner Journey too...... flashy. This is the man who like varying shades of grey the best. I once found him a lime green polo. What was I thinking!?!?!?!?!


Nikki said...

I think Andy will like the hat WAY better than pink, black and gray socks (that look familiar! :) )

I know little about cotton, there's really no "give" when knitting it but it can get very heavy and sag. (there's a better word than that...) But mostly what I know is that it makes good dishrags...

KnitNana said...

I love your lovely handspun - you did a great job of the self-striping (I have no idea how you do it, of course!) lolol!
How about Irish Hiking Scarf? Well, not in the stripes, a solid gray perhaps? (MEN!)