Monday, June 25, 2007

A note from my WIP's

Hey! Catie, This is your knitting speaking. Where have you gone? We are just listing about without any new rows! Don't forget us. We know you have been busy with family reunions, school, cleaning house for company, and navigating rough waters for Andy's family. But, we are your family too!!!!

If you neglect us, you won't have anything for Christmas presents. You won't have that soothing solace for the mind and emotions. Don't forget what it is like to hear the click of the needles or the rhythmic whrrrrr of Minstrel as she spins up some wool. You love us. Come back soon!
We understand that you have so much to do. Decluttering, teaching, cooking, socializing. Socializing? What? You mean you actually go places without us? Are you ashamed of us? You won't knit in public? That can't be true!

Come back, friend. All those other things can wait. We are the work of your hands. You have bonded with us.

Dear WIP's, This is a short note to let you know that I will be knitting and spinning a BUNCH this week. I am sorry you feel neglected. I have missed you desperately. My hands are itching to feel you slide thru my fingers again. My ears are desperate for the quiet whrrrrr of your motion as yarn is made in my fingers. I need the solace of your presence as I recoup from the weather of life. Wait patiently my friends. We will be together again; after I:

*do the dishes
*fold 3 loads of laundry
*feed kids lunch
*run errands
*check on aunt in hospital
*tie up tomatoes
*swiffer floor
*finish language arts with Mia
*plan and execute dinner
*wash up after dinner
*socialize with husband

Well....... we'll see when we can get together.


KnitNana said...

Isn't it amazing how life just steps between us and our "relaxation?"

Nikki said...

Egads! I caught your post quickly enough before my long forgotten sweater saw it! :) It may start writing me!

and Tell the WIPs like all good friends and family that there will be time to be together :)