Saturday, June 16, 2007

I miss you, dad

Dear Dad,
It has been 10 years since you have died, and I have missed you for everyday of those years. I am quite well and mom is fine.
You would be proud of your children. We stepped up to the plate and took care of mom in your absence. It was tough, but it was the right thing to do.
I want to tell you all of the things I remember best about you.

*Remember the peach jelly we made, the last Spring we were together? Andy makes jelly with me now.

*Remember the bees. Andy and I still don't have a hive, but give us a little time. It would be fun watching Andy get chased by bees like you were after you robbed the hive.

*You were my best friend. Losing you about broke me, but God is faithful. I have all the love I need. You got to give me away to Andy before you died. A daughter can ask for no more than that.

I want to tell you some things that you might like to know. I have 3 children now. 2 daughters and a son. Amelia, Madeline, and Ethan. Robert Ethan. Yes, he is named after you. I couldn't think of a better name for my son than the name of my father. We are all healthy and well, and best of all, happy.
It has taken me a long time to get over mom. As you know, she is quite difficult. After we went to court, I didn't speak to her for 2 years. I couldn't. I would have panic attacks just thinking about it. The power of a mother is tremendous. Now, I try to honor her and love her the best way I can..... by being her mother. She lives with Robert and his family in NC. A good 7 hours away, and that is a good thing.

Sometimes I dream of you. It is amazing. You are exactly the same and I cherish every word you speak to me. I wish I would dream of you more often. I wish that I could ask you questions and for advice. But most of all to tell you face to face about my beautiful children. I never knew (you always told me, but I didn't get it) how wonderful children were.

I learned so many things from you. Jelly. Honey. Teaching. Faith. Here are a few of the most important lessons I learned from you.

  • You gotta scoop poop to have a clean yard.
  • How to catch a snake
  • How to 'ring a boys chimes'
  • What boys really want
  • How to pick beans
  • How NOT to rob a hive of honey
  • How to weed
  • How to clean a house
  • When you see someone else working, you don't just stand there..... YOU help
  • You taught me the substance of faith and believing that God will meet all my needs regardless of circumstances
  • Jesus

Mostly, I just want to thank you for being my dad. I didn't get to share all of these things when you were present here on this earth. I wish I had said more when I had had the time. But you are well now, and I still love you and will forever.

Your girl, Catie Cat


Nikki said...

What a very touching post, Catie! Your dad sounds like a wonderful man.

Diana said...

Love the picture. Nothing like a man in uniform! Remembering him this day must have made you seem sad today at church! Our memories are gifts.

KnitNana said...

A lovely and loving tribute, sweetie!

Dana said...

That was a lovely and touching tribute to your father. There's nothing in the world like a great dad!

P.S. My father is Edward Alexander. My son is Alexander Edward. :)

IndigoMuse said...

Couldn't help but cry reading your post. Made me really appreciate my dad. I hope to honor him as much as you've honored your father. ((((Big hug))))

Dianne said...

What a beautiful tribute..Dads are such special guys in our lives...the memories we have can never be taken away.