Thursday, June 14, 2007

days of thunder and lightning

I hate hormones. Yes, yes, I know...... Hormones provide a lot of wonderful things. Babies, etc. But, I feel like I am on a broom today.

I got up at 8:30. Thanx hon, we have had the discussion multiple times about getting me up before you leave the house at 7:15. You know, that it really is best if I get up and have some 'alone' time with my coffee and knitting before the Nascar of my day begins. Yes, Yes, I know....... I look all warm and cute and sleepy looking, there in the bed. But PLEASE, GET ME UP. There is nothing I hate more than having to get straight out of bed and be Miss Mommy America! I just don't talk in the morning, I won't hurt you, I promise!

The house is all cluttered and toyed up. Again. How many times am I gonna have to do this in my lifetime? Please, don't answer that. All of you seasoned moms out there are rolling your eyes at me right now. I can see you. I know that my pumpkins will be teenagers in a nano second. But, I DON'T BELIEVE YOU!

I have a menstrual headache, have already laid down for a few minutes, and it is only 3:41pm. Andy, won't be here for another hour. Of course, why WOULD he want to come home when his wife is in her Days of Thunder and Lightning?

Do you know what would be a GREAT idea? Some sort of remedy that brought your period on!!! I would be on that like fleas on a dog. Anything to get back to my usual, sweet, calm, kind, patient self!

I have ANOTHER great idea! A nanny. I have a 36 year old friend who is having her 1st baby. She wants to work from home (Wachovia is her employment) and keep her baby at home, while she works, via, a nanny! Can I have 1? Any volunteers who would do that for FREE? So, get this, for $11/hour, you can have someone to take care of your baby, do light cleaning, AND light cooking. I think it is worth it. Maybe just once a month, when I can't tolerate myself, much less expect anyone else to put up with me. Oh yeah, her husband gets to stay home with her for 8 weeks. Yeeesh. I barely got a couple of hours before I went solo.

Gotta go. Making a carb heavy dinner tonight in honor of my raging hormones and cool house. I am going to fire the oven up and make PIZZA! I really do make good pizza. I don't scrimp on the olive oil or the mozzarella. That should fix me right up.


Nikki said...

ok, so I don't have kids but I'm sending great big sympathetic hugs your way!! I get very nasty cramps (along with one of those slight nagging headaches?) those days I'm very much hating horror-mones! :)

Nathalie said...

there is no easy way, but be kind to yourself

cate said...

Thank you Nathalie! I wish I had your e-mail or your blog so I could thank you forposting. cate