Monday, May 21, 2007


This about sums up my day and weekend so far. A tea party. Not because everything was so wonderful.... But because of the sweetness of my children. I have 2 girls and the only Christmas present they got from us this year was a real, china tea set. One for each. Maddy got red cherries and Mia got pink roses. They have played and played and played with these sets. Their daddy will play with them too. Quicker than I will, truth to tell.

I love watching my girls become young women. One of the reasons we are homeschooling is to help them (hopefully) have an extended childhood. I missed a lot of their babyhood to depression and I am LOVING their childhood. God is good. He has delivered me into a land/life of goodness, not easiness, but goodness. I have so much to be grateful for.

Speaking of depression: I didn't even knit when I was depressed. What a crime! It took one of my most beloved, personal passions and left me disinterested. Yeesh. What a creep.

Now, when I am faced with clutter, piles of clean or dirty laundry, dishes, standardized testing, or anything that really stresses me out and overwhelms me..... I don't get down. I pray, invite God into my day/work/mind, I get busy and plow thru it one task at a time. And you know what, it all doesn't matter if it gets done or not. It will be there tomorrow and if things are REALLY bad.... Andy will be home soon. He is a WORKING MACHINE and can work circles around me. The bonus is he doesn't mind. If I did it everyday..... that is another story. I didn't want you to think he was perfect or anything, ha ha ha

Ignore the pink you see. The white is the 1st of the fawn Shetland spun up. I am doing a small test skein, will set twist, and knit up to see if I like it or not. I am still disappointed with the way it is coming out. A bit rougher than commercially processed rovings, but it has a unique charm all it's own. I think MOST of this fleece will be dyed. I am gonna bite the bullet and purchase some dyes from somewhere. Suggestions? Please comment and let me know. I am EAGER to here what you experienced fiber artists suggest!


Nikki said...

The tea set is so cute!

Fawn is very pretty. it even Looks soft! good luck with the dye-ing!

jody said...

your daily life, struggles AND husband sound very similar to mine! what a blessing a great husband is, no? :)

KnitNana said...

Love that tea set. I still have mine from when I was little...Blue Willow!
Hmm...should get that out and show off! (wonder where it is? lolol!)

And so wonderful you have someone who WILL pitch in when you need the help!

IndigoMuse said...

KnitPicks has Jacquard dyes and they're fairly inexpensive. I've had wonderful success with them. I've also used ProChem dyes (got those at Springwater in Alexandria). Have fun dyeing!