Monday, April 02, 2007

Time to Knit

Many friends and acquaintances ask me, " How do you have time to knit?" The answer is simple. I can't afford NOT to knit. My question to non-knitters is 'What do you do when you sit?' The question people should ask is : 'Catie, why don't you knit more?' Or people ask: 'Isn't it expensive?' Not as expensive as travel and more satisfying because I can do it everyday. I can take it with me when I travel or buy yarn THERE and have a keepsake that is crafted by a local and then enjoyed and created further by me.

I believe that we were born to create. Even if you are not an 'artist', so to speak, we create everyday. Meals, computer data entry, children, write, watercolor, clothes, putting together an ensemble etc...... I like this quote by Alice Starmore from her book Sweaters for Men: in the past "women knitted-constantly and with prolific output" pg. x. Women have been creating since the beginning of time. It is just recently that we consider working with our hands and creating 'a waste of time' or a frivolous hobby. Yikes. This is the post-modern age?

Here is a poem, by ME!!!

I can't scrapbook and knit and talk or monitor kids.
I can't read and talk and monitor kids.

I can walk and knit.
I can talk and knit.

I can't cook and knit, but give me more time and I'll just might do it.

I can read and knit, I wish I could sleep and knit.
I can pray and knit, but not drive and knit.

Knitting keeps me busy, off the phone, and present in my home. Available to my kids should they have a need. Keep all of us warm and sometimes breezy. In short, knitting is good for the soul and family and woman kind.

Granny I am not.
Weird I am not.
Just a simple girl with a desire to keep busy and create and relax and visit with a fellow knitter.
That is why I knit.


IndigoMuse said...

Tee hee. What a great poem. I wouldn't change a thing about you. I love you just the way that you are. Keep on knitting sista!

jody said...

you may not be able to drive and knit, but you can at the red lights-just sayin'...

KnitNana said...

Lovely! And just plain true!