Friday, March 30, 2007

On the Needles

Good Morning All!!! Before the day really got rolling, I thought I would take the time and show you what I have got On the Needles right now.

The purplish looking thing to the far left is the Ecowool Raglan for dh. It is actually grey and will be a simple 2x2 rib crew or v-neck. With me you never know. Andy loves ribbed fabrics (everything from t-shirts to skivvies, even my clothes) , so, he'll love this sweater. It is the EXACT color of his eyes. Steel Grey. The green is the beginning of Rogue. And the multi-colored, reddish stuff is the 2nd sock in the Koigu Odds and Ends socks.

Rogue is the most intense pattern that I will have attempted to date. I bought Knit picks Wool of the Andes for this project and I am unsure of the color, Heather Green. I am remembering back to how I felt about Miss Koigu and so I am pressing onward and figure that the green will grow on me.

BTW, there are 20 pages in the Rogue pattern. Check out all the pages to the right here. Those are just the CHART pages. This will NOT be a kid friendly pattern. Nobody, husband, or kid had better even think of speaking to me when I have this sweater out and in my hands!!

There, a picture of Rogue on the needles.

Would you believe that upon 3rd and 4th yarn yardage calculations, I am 50 yards shy of what I need? Yeesh. Gotta do another purchase. Maybe I will pick up another something or other. ha ha ha

Last but not least. I am a brand new sock knitter. Not to mention a gal who has BIG PROBLEMS with gauge. The sock on the right is about 25% too big. The sock of the left is the correct size, however, the cast off is a problem because it was a toe up sock. All you serious sock knitters who do Wendy Knits toe up sock pattern, how do you get the cast off edge to be comfortable? I am expecting tons of advice!!!!

I gotta go organize the day. Get the house clean for the Erev Shabbat meeting at our house tonight. Do school. And eat something eventually. Shalom friends in this Passover/Easter season. catie


KnitNana said...

Elizabeth Zimmerman's Stretchy Cast off Edge.
It's great!

IndigoMuse said...

I highly recommend that when reading the charts for Rogue that you 1.) Don't knit the chart sections with family around 2.) make sure that you either use post its or a magnetic board to keep up with the rows.

Final word of advice: you can only eat an elephant one bite at a time. You will be just fine with this project :)

Nikki said...

for my last pair of socks I did ribbing at the top and just bound off loosely. However, this pair I'm planning on doing the bind off I did for my moebius. Knit 2 together, slip stitch back to left needle and knit 2 together.

may have to go try the stretchy cast off edge though...

jody said...

I hate doing gauge stuff-honestly, I usually just start the project, then check gauge and if it is right, keep going and if not, then I rip back-or just do somthing different altogther. I just don't feel like making the effort of knitting a swatch when I have limited knitting time as it is, you know? but I DO check gauge carefully on big important stuff, like your sweater maybe...sorry