Thursday, March 29, 2007

Potty Training Marathon

My son has reverted to doing #2 in his big boy pants. The little man had finally gotten the hang of peeing and pooping in the potty. I should say, the little, portable potty. He is even dry all night long and empties his bladder upon awakening. I am greatly desiring to transition him to the BIG KAHUNA potty. Well, he doesn't like it. Not one little bit. I however, am a persevering sort. Not to mention determined not to have to wipe out any more poopy bowls than I have to. But, the argument could be, don't you HATE cleaning out poopy pants? Yeah, the pants are much worse. But I am betting that he doesn't like having that mess right up next to his sweet little cheeks. He just turned 3 on Tuesday and we will see who has more will power. Him or me? (I bet y'all are all putting your money on him aren't you?)

Other than focusing on the final stage of potty training, I have been very busy.

On the homeschooling front: I quizzed dd#2 on her letters and *gasp* she only knows half of them. I have been working on them half heartedly with her all year. The good news is that SHE WILL LEARN THEM eventually. Just a matter of time, and her mother refocusing back on Kindergarten. DD#1 , is doing well. She did 2 pages of her language arts wb today, ALL BY HERSELF. That means she did all the reading etc, by herself. That is a real milestone for me, as I have always had to hold her hand in them for the past year. The little man, well, he just disturbs us as much as possible. I figure the girls will teach him to read when the time comes!!

On the decluttering front: Nothing. Stalled. Except I have plans. I am going to clean out the girls toys. I have so many little, little girl toys, they don't have room for big girl toys. So, dear sil moving from Spain, they are coming your way!!!

On the gardening front: Me and the girls have started 30 tomato plants from seed. We also started nasturtiums, marigold, and loads of basil. Andy pulled out a bunch of sod and will borrow a tiller to make garden space. I can hardly wait. Fresh tomatoes and basil in August, here we come!! Haven't had a garden since we begun child bearing.

On the reading front: Nothing worth mentioning. Not even the Bible.

On the knitting front: Rogue's hem is cast on and one row of the hem is done. The odds and ends Koigu socks are butt ugly, but I love 'em. I didn't put much thought into the color mixing. Random. Andy's sweater is much neglected, but is good mindless knitting. It'll get knit on when we go to the beach in April.

What a long post. Not even a picture or 2. Hope you are all well. cate


IndigoMuse said...

Happy 3rd birthday to your son! And good luck with the potty training.

Thing 2 and I are starting a bunch of veges, flowers and herbs from seed for a container garden on the deck (the deer like to eat everything we plant in the yard). I'm very afraid that we planted too much stuff. I might have to send some your way :)


Pam! said...

ohhh potty training! I suppose I'll be dealing with that sometime soon. Be ready for a million questions.
I've got a big garden going this year too. Perhaps we should add veggie/fruit sharing to our knitting club. heh heh

jody said...

Hi Catie! Funny, reading your post was like reading about my own life except sub in "my baby has reverted to NEVER EVER sleeping" and the home schooling things can be our own set of school things here-I am in my own trying times of decluttering and have hit a stall out, too-and so has my knitting, which is down to getting what I can in while waiting at the car repair place. ugh. The life of a knitting mommy! But I wouldn't trade it, would you? :)

Gina said...

Oh, potty bowls...what I have to look forward to in the next few years...sigh.