Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Not a witty day

Well, today I began the war with moths. Actually, it is a preemptive strike. A prescription of hot water, Euclan woolwash in lavender, and a spin out cycle. Then off to the boxwood for a day, laying out in the sun.

Say, I wish someone would do that for me. Clean me up, and lay me out. Wouldn't that be a welcome change. I would add one thing though. A wonderful dinner hot and put before me. Bliss.

I am having a ball with rogue. Here is the side cable detail. I am soooooo glad that did the cable cap first. I really thought she would be harder, but maybe that is to come later. I think doing the cap first took some of my 'Rogue' anxiety away.

Here's a blurry shot of the kangaroo pocket in progress.

The sad thing is that I will not be able to wear Rogue until next October. I can't seem to make the switch to summer type knitting. I am really hung up on sweaters. Maybe because it is just recently that I can make them fit (due to an evil known as gauge).

The summer of socks is not quite in full swing. I have to finish Rogue and DH's Ecowool Raglan.

Not very witty today. Just knitting. Hope you are enjoying the beautiful day. Catie

Edit on Wednesday: The moths I DO have are the mealy moths that you get from the grocery store. Thank you for all your kind concern. The washing is the puttting away of wool for the summer to PREVENT an infestation. I understand that the larvae like the dirt, bo, and food that collects on wool and that is what they eat, destroying the fiber in the process.


IndigoMuse said...

Ummm, did I miss something about the moths? What's up? What a nightmare.

Rogue is looking very Celtic in that green. Don't you love the cables?

KnitNana said...

You have MOTHS??? EEEeeeckkk!
Should you bring your wool to knit night???
(goodness that's almost worse than a virus! lololol!!!!)