Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Progress Report

Just updating you on my progress with Rogue. I have started the 1st sleeve. I guess I could put 2 sleeves on 1 needle, but I am not real anxious to finish this thing. In fact, I will be sad when it is done.

Here is the finished body and hood. Now you can see my HUGE oops.
Close up details of the hood and the side shaping. I still need to block this thing.

And last but not least, my newest love. The I Do shrug!!! This is some Noro Lily multi in a turquoise/navy/brown/teal colorway. I have been waiting for 2 years to find the right pattern for this yarn. A lot of it is in a UFO of a cardigan. Plain knit. I think that lace design really brings out the 'specialness' of the Noro. Plus it is 70% cotton and 30% silk. The notes by the designer says that it looks fantastic with jeans. Since jeans is "DRESSING UP" for me at church, I have a new outfit!!! Let's just hope that my problems with gauge have been improved.

Notice the bell sleeve. This is a fashion stretch for me. I am a plain, plain, plain person. I like plain clothes and plain decorating. I am just not flashy and this will be a show stopper. Let's hope I have the courage to wear it!


KnitNana said...

Pretty cables and gorgeous Noro!

Nikki said...

both are looking beautiful! The I Do shrug will look great!!!