Friday, April 13, 2007

Does anyone see something wrong with Rogue? The picture is terrible, I don't know why, but you can still see a glaring mistake that is unfixable. I didn't notice the mistake until I had knit part of the neck detail, joined the shoulders, and modeled the sweater for Lovey Husband. Guess what? Not fixin it. Hm mmmm, no way. Ain't gonna do it.

I guess I am not a Knitter vs. a knitter. I am unwilling to sacrifice for perfection.

Here is a very nice picture of the neck detail.

Hope y'all have a great week. I'll be away. Hey Diana, could you drive by my house and if you see a moving van, call the cops. Thanx. Catie


Robin said...

Okay...where's the mistake? This is like "Where's Waldo"!

IndigoMuse said...

I noticed it and found that mine was a tad off too when I tried it on at probably the same point. I decided not to fix it either though I know its there. Could you possibly do some surgery on it? I missed you at Sedalia though it sure was cold on Saturday.


Diana said...

Well, I was away the weekend too! Got back Sunday night. Are you home yet?