Monday, March 12, 2007

Rise and Sock

Good Morning All!! I hope the new daylight savings time is suiting you all, ha.

The absolute best thing about Daylight Savings Time is that my dh comes home 1 hour earlier!!!! So, instead of 4:45, he comes home at what feels like 3:45. YES!!!!! Kids sleep in later too. So, my day is shortened by 2 hours!!! The only problem is the Fall Back. Yuck. Enough of that.

On to....knitting. With all the projects I have going on, I am already planning on others. Yeesh. I must be crazy. Not. Well..... This is going to be the Summer of Socks. Or SOS for short. I am in desperate need of socks. In fact, as I sit, blogging, I have one hand knitted sock in that German stuff with aloe and lanolin, on my left foot and a barefoot on my right. The foot with a sock, has a dropped stitch somewhere that I am gonna have to hunt down and fix. The other sock....... I am ashamed to tell you what happened to it. But since confession is good for the soul, here goes. I was knitting very pridefully away on the 2nd sock, did the heel turn, and thought since I am a pretty experienced knitter, I didn't need to refer to simple pattern to finish. I forgot to do the gusset *blush*. When I tried on 2nd sock, *(&^^%##$@!%$*(&^()*&. Embarrassment.

Socks are a new thing for me. But I am hooked. I am determined to be a dedicated sock knitter. I love the way my left foot feels and my poor right foot is calling for an intervention. "Why am I being left out, I am COLD". So, I am looking at all kind of sock yarn. Especially, Socks that Rock. I, unfortunately, was left out of their 2007 club. That will not be the case for 2008. I am also planning on using some of the Chestnut yarn that I spun to make a pair of socks as well. Just gotta get some strengthening thread.

Me and the kids are starting a new routine today. We are going to the library on 419 for school. We are meeting another homeschooling family and do it together. We will see how it goes as of my ds. So, gotta go. Have a great day. Catie


Diana said...

What a good idea to focus on one thing for the summer, Socks! For me though it will be my "winter" sweater thats been on hold, my gansey. I don't mind wool sitting in my lap in summer.

Nikki said...

Don't you just love socks!? I can't wait to knit up my yarn that's got the aloe and all in (austerman step maybe?)

Hope your new school idea went well today!

IndigoMuse said...

Socks are great summer projects because they're so small and portable. FYI, if you want to get in on a sock club, check out Scout's Indie Swag at Sign ups are next week.


KnitNana said...

Or you could decide to look at all the etsy vendors who hand-dye sock yarn...and a few sock vendors I like online are and and not to mention

I love Cherry Tree Hill, Koigu, Trekking XXL...just to name a few.
(and other than I have a couple of lace shawls to knit, I'll join you in SOS! Wanna do a KAL???