Saturday, March 10, 2007

Saturday, 12:15pm. I am alone in my house. Small miracle. I should be using my time wisely. Alas.... I am not. I have been listening to music, praying, telling Jesus how much I love Him and need Him. Spinning. Reading a book. Eating and making iced coffee. Ahem.

I should be taking a shower and doing my hair, we have discussed this before, no need to do so again. I should be deciding on dinner and beginning prep. Ok, got the steak defrosting. I should be fixing lunch for the masses before they arrive back home from collecting free firewood. Any number of things. But, now I am spending time with YOU. I really do think about who reads this humble blog and I appreciate your returning to read again. You are on my mind and even though I don't know most of you, I pray for you. God knows you. So, consider yourself prayed for and loved by someone today. Is that weird enough for you?

Above is a picture of a new soft drink I found in my local Fresh Market. Jamaican Ginger Beer. Non-alcoholic. I have no idea how they make it, but it is sweetened with all kinds of fruit juices. Nothing like Schweppes's. Not sure if i really like it or not. But, thought I would pass it along because I thought it cute.

Speaking of cute..... Toesies painted with Opi's 'Oh to be 25 again....' nail polish in my newly, crochet decorated flip flops. Don't you love 'em? I do.

I really am a fluffy gal at times. The older I get the more I embrace my femininity. The girlier the better (within reason).

Last but not least...... What I have been doing when I am not doing what I SHOULD be doing. Koigu Keepsake, Brother carding and spinning, fluffy flips, and the handspun raglan for 3yo ds.

Masses have returned and I am the great unwashed. Gotta go jump in before I loose my window of opportunity. Later. cate


Nikki said...

I haven't had the Jamacian variety but there's a Ginger Beer I got at Krogers that was most yummy... I'm now "forced" to go to Fresh Market to try it (I'll probably be "forced" into getting those chocolate covered cranberries too... :) )

Pam! said...

Oh I love good ginger ale/ginger beer, etc. And I too may now be 'forced' to go to Fresh Market and buy something equally cool. I love that place!!
Good for you for having some "you" time and actually doing something for you!

KnitNana said...

I LOVE those flip flops! How fun, I'll have to make some in purle and red for my Red Hat Ladies meetings this summer!
And the Koigu Shawl looks terrific!