Wednesday, March 14, 2007

shhhhh, I'm gonna talk about money

Believe it or not, I am not angry in the picture of self. I was trying to knit, pose, and teach 7yo dd how to use the digital camera at the same time.

It was such a beautiful day, I had to give it a try. The hat makes me feel like 'lady of the manor' , which is soooooooo not me. I am working on the Chestnut Raglan for my 3yo ds. It SHOULD fit him for 2 years or so, I am hoping. Kids DO grow like weeds, I know.

I am having quite a day. I am trying not to worry about events in life, but it is HARD! On the top of the list is the usual offender, money. Our money and, since I am the conservator of Mom's estate, her money. Andy is talking about refinancing the house, I think it is a GREAT idea. I'll keep you posted. I also have to drop some money at Once Upon a Child on spring clothes for the girls. That always sneaks up on me. Thankfully, a couple friends have given me enough clothes for ds for the spring, but we shall see.

Mom is having multiple health problems. She's had them forever, but still. The constant drain on her finances IS going to catch up to her sooner or later. At the risk of sounding callous, she is in TERRIBLE health, extremely unhappy.......... I just can't even speak what I am thinking, much less write it. (BTW, this is a shameful confession of mine, please be kind). She has advanced cardiovascular disease do to smoking and some new research tells us that teeth problems go along with heart disease. All that to say, mom needs her teeth worked on and the dentist has to consult with mom's vascular doc to do it. On top of all that, the medicare insurance co. had dropped her. She is costing them too much money, tell me about it. The good news, is that after she spends a certain amt of her own money, they will pick her back up again (0r so I hear). Getting old and being in bad health is a costly business.

Look at these beautiful daffy's. That is what we call them around here. They are my favorite flower. My good friend, Carol Croy, bought them for me. Just because. I have been teaching her to knit, and she is a natural. I already told you that I talked her into making her 2nd project a simple raglan cardy. Looks great. I'll photograph it and post it after I see her on Friday. I just taught her to use dp's on Sunday.

I am in desperate need of some fun today. Any ideas, besides knitting and spinning? Hope you are all well and enjoying the weather.

Before I forget, the Tea Rose Halter Top in 3 ply Alpaca Silk is an ABYSMAL FAILURE. Oh well. In the words of Robin, IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT, FROG IT AND START OVER. If I frog that thing, I am gonna burn it. Hey Dixigirl, maybe we could work out a trade on some sweet apple green yarn for your friend's baby? Hmm, let me know. I have at least 2 fresh skeins if not 3, and 8 in the halter itself. Later, catie


Nikki said...

I remember that green and it'd be a lovely gender neutral baby color and a very nice splash of spring in the winter.

Let me know if you still think you may want to get rid of it :)

Gina said...

I can think of some fun! Pop some friends in the car and your knitting bag and high tail it to Mosaic and sit, chat, and knit for awhile!

KnitNana said...

So sorry to hear about your mom's health problems and money stuff...I think it must be "in the water" this worry about's EVERYWHERE! Even my horoscope today is warning me to be careful!

I think you look very much the "lady of the manor" in that hat!

Robin said...

Hey Catie...if you frog it...don't burn it!
Oh...the link to Nikki's blog goes to some hairy guys blog! The link to hers is: