Saturday, February 03, 2007

Top 10 things to do while waiting for blogger to upload your photos

Top 10 things do do while waiting for photos to upload do Blogger:

10. play solitaire
9. unload hot dishes from dishwasher
8. apply lip balm
7. pee (praying no smallfry touch any buttons while you are behind closed doors)
6. get dressed for the day (including face, teeth and clothes, but no shower)
5. diffuse a 'girl' fight
4. trim your nails
3. change laundry from washer to dryer
2. get antsy because it is taking so long and you have nothing else to do
1. try to knit, but can't, because it doesn't quite take that long

So (I dare you)..... What are YOUR top 10 things do while you are waiting for photos to upload to blogger?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You need socks on needles next to the pc for those moments!