Monday, February 05, 2007

Ancient History

I have said many times that my mother and grandmother closed down housekeeping the same year, for different reasons. Anyway, I am now the 'proud' caretaker of the family photos. Multiple sides. Any of you scrapbooking afficianados out there know that I MUST get them into some kind of archival quality album soon. Now, those photos are in a non-air conditioned house with full humidity. Sacrililege.
And since I am on a SERIOUS organizing kick..... I spent a small fortune on yet another Creative Memories album. Chocolate brown to be exact. The question remains, "How many pictures of so and so do you REALLY need to tell the story of where the family came from to your children? "How much space and time of your life should it take over?" I don't have the answer for anyone else but me. It will take up maybe 2 albums worth and the rest are going to the city dump. *some of you are gasping in horror, I know. Sorry.* I just can't live with the guilt of not taking care of them anymore.

These are 2 pages, jam packed with my father's Boy Scout Jamboree photos of 1950 something. In all those pix, there is only 1 of my father. So, out the rest of them go. I don't know where the thing was and who was there, or even if my father like the Boy Scouts. He must have to some extent, as he became and Eagle Scout. It is cool to look at them briefly though. I just wish that the pictures had more 'content' in them.

I am looking forward to viewing these pictures with my children in years to come. My father died 5 weeks before Andy and I got married. He had been my best friend. It has taken me a decade to 'get over it' (if you ever do).

So, I am gonna 'rip and paste' the rest of the Ancient History and then get back to my Modern History albums. I love pictures. Maybe even more than yarn and knitting.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, your father must have loved scouts to have worked hard for his Eagle! I have 2 Eagle scout sons an 2 more on their way. Scouting is wonderful. My husband and one son went to the National Jamboree last year. It's a city of tents! Thousands! If you're going to toss those pics that don't have your dad in them I'll take them off your hands! We collect anything scouting!