Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Brain at 55% capacity

Crikey!! I am a bad mother.

So, Ethan has been hacking for a couple of days. He coughed all night last night. I was up 5x's with him. He is such a good natured thing that he wasn't crying, just coughing and wishing he was asleep. Anyway, he got up this am and was baking. 103 to be exact. Called my fav aunt, who is an MD, and she did a house call. My little puddin' is just a smidge away from pneumonia. Technically, he has a bad bronchitus. No cough suppressants. She wants him to cough as much as possible.

Well, he coughed so much he vomited on my old aubusson rug and a couple of times in the kitchen. I got that to stop with some dum dums. He ate no lunch, no surprise. I figured that if he just drank as much as possible, he'll catch up later. I gave him a piece of gum, he is quite able to handle that. (DH gave him his 1st piece at 18mo and I had a serious conniption, but, alas, the deed was done). The gum does help him not do vomitous hacking.

Nap time came. He is almost 3 and has dropped his nap, but I was insistent. Down he went. Slept a good 3 hours, Praise God!!!! I slept myself as I was under the weather a bit. Eldest DD slept too, but not my middle girl. No sirree. She is a force of nature.

I woke up and had my mid afternoon snack with 'force of nature'. Then (here it comes, the reason I am a bad mother), Ethan woke up and come downstairs, CHEWING GUM!!! I am so sick of having my brain at only 55% capacity!!!! That is soooooooooo unlike me, to forget that kind of detail. I just have to say..... That God really does watch over mother's of small children. Think of all the things that could have happened, but didn't. Thank you Lord. Thank you for caring for me and my family.

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IndigoMuse said...

You're not a bad mother. We all have those lapses and thank goodness we have watchful guardian angels. Hope that ya'll are on the mend soon.