Saturday, February 03, 2007

just another manic saturday

Baby shower, check. Made b-day cake, check. Finished Celtic Cap and mattress stitched it up, check. unloaded bookshelves, check. vacuumed house, uh-oh. cleaned bathroom, uh-oh. cleaned oven after cake overflowed pans, uh-oh. wrapped presents, uh-oh. picked up toys kids have strewn all over house, getting there. folded laundry, partially. Yeesh. I have an awful, lot of work to do because WE HAVE A B-DAY TOMORROW!!!! You would think I would get off my keister and get cracking, eh?

Tomorrow is my eldest dd b-day. She is going to be 7. I can hardly believe it. I was just ruminating a little bit earlier what my dh and I were doing on this day before she was born. I had just been to the MD and she was 9 days overdue. He checked me and no dialation and a smidge of effacement. We made plans for an induction in 2 days. I was a bohemoth. My dh and I planned to go see a movie at the Grandin and then go out to dinner. I so wish I could remember the movie. We got to the theatre..... and it wasn't showing anymore. I was so bummed from the MD and the no movie that I succumbed to a pouting fit and we went home and ate hot dogs and baked beans for dinner. By 7 pm I was having cramps and by 11 I was in some SERIOUS pain.

After 18 hours of labor my dd was in distress and I had a c-section at 11ish am on Feb. 4, 2000. The light of my life was born. Amelia Joy Long. Man, I love that kid. She is full of light and joy. She was aptly named.

10mo after she was born, I was so in love, that I thought 1 kid was fantastic 2 would be easy. Ha Ha Ha. 2 kids broke me. They were only 19mo apart. 18mo after the 2nd light of my life was born, Madeline Grace, I thought nothing could be harder than 2!!! And you know what? It wasn't that bad. Robert Ethan is now almost 3 and I am a wiser woman and my dh had a vasectomy. Best maneuver that man ever created!!

So.... These pictures are of me, those of you who don't know me. I was born Mary Catherine, but my mother nicknamed me Catie. And I am wearing Arwen and my new Celtic Cap that I just finished this AM instead of cleaning my house. There. Gotta go clean the oven (can't find the Easy Off), Swiffer the house, take care of sick son, ice the cake, make dinner, wrap presents, etc, etc, etc. And it is 5:17pm. &*%&$#%#^**(&^(*&^*^%


Robin said...

Love the sweater and the cap!

Anonymous said...

Looks fabulous! Bet it feels great to be finished. Now, you know what I am gonna say next, On to your Keepsake shawl!!! Koigu is calling.

Nikki said...

lovely sweater and hat!! and Happy Birthday to Amelia!! Today is my sister's birthday too!

Terri said...

Hi, Nice to see your finished Arwen. Do you have any other photos of it? I read your January entry about seaming it together, so I will be careful when I come to piece mine together. Thanks for the heads up. Nice to meet you. Thanks for stopping by my blog! :o)