Thursday, February 01, 2007

Yarn Reclamation correlates with House Reclamation!

This was my 1st Noro yarn ever. I do believe it is Big Kureyon. I love the wintry look of this blanket. I love the Noro brand. This is 100% wool and has been a warm lap blanket. HOWEVER.... I have children. They grab the blanket and drag it all over the house. Use my Noro blanket as the top of forts. Get under the blanket and stretch it out with thier feet. One gets the blanket and the other demands 'share!' So, This blanket can be no longer. I love the yarn too much to let it go. Or, to just darn the hole. So, I am thinking of reclaiming the yarn and making a French Market bag from Knitty .

The only thing about this yarn, is that it seems right fragile. It can't stand up to the wear and tear of children. There are 10 skeins of Big Kureyon in this blanket and I am thinking of getting a jump on Christmas presents for next year. Who knows how many French Market bags I can get out of 10 skeins.

Speaking of children..... We have done school today, and let me tell you, doing school in a school room vs. the dining room table has made a huge difference. It is no neat and clutter free in there that the kids are quieter, on task, and (shocker) want to not only complete their lessons, but do MORE when I am done. Even my 2yo son, does 'school' with us in there. Zounds!!! I think we are on to something here. CLUTTER=CLUTTERED MIND whereas LACK OF CLUTTER = FOCUSED MIND. This a 1st for me.

The next room to tackle is the foyer. That is the real MONSTER here. It is DH office/coat throw area/paper area/ shoe area.... All that with asbestos tiling and faded, knotty pine panelins............ We have got our work cut out for us here. Well, gotta go pack books from those knotty pine, built in bookshelves. Have a great day!!!!! catie

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