Thursday, January 04, 2007

Sorry, no pix

Sorry, no pix today. Just a rambling of what I have been doing today.

DH got me up at usual time!! What a blessing!! If he didn't get me up, I would be at the mercy of the kids when THEY got me up. I am not the most social thing in the early, wee hours. I LIKE the morning, just don't want to talk..... at all.

So, my favorite thing to do is drink coffee, listen to the am news programs, and knit (what else). I got an hour in on Arwen today. Even started the short row shaping of the arm. Very interesting, this sweater. Lot of CO with back loop method, which is a bear to k the first row but it is BEAUTIFUL and shows no breaks when adding on a sleeve or a hood. Like magic.

After the kids get up, eat breakfast........ It's off to school we go (which is the dining room table). Maddy is learning her letters and doing GREAT. Mia is in 1st and really struggling to sound out new words. She has some significant developmental delays across the board (physical, cognitive, etc...) and so this is a MAJOR skill for her. I am grateful that homeschooling (hsing) is legal. Her neurologist actually said that it was the best choice for her because ANY school would not know what to do with her.

Now the kids are in 'room time.' Ethan (2) has dropped his nap *sigh* so at 3pm, sharp, everyday..... they ALL go to room time. I do whatever I feel like, which is usually knitting and spinning. This lasts only about 30 min tops, but I'll take it!!

Andy comes home at 5ish and tonight is RVspin/knit group. CAn't wait!! Later, cate

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