Tuesday, January 02, 2007

May I introduce you?

Happy New Year!!!! I hope you all had a wonderful, safe time on Sunday night. Me and hubby had a 'party' just the 5 of us. After we put the kids to bed, we had our traditional bottle of blanc de noir champagne (aka, pink) and then went and slept it off. Thankfully, no hangovers for either of us!!

Today, we are back doing school. I am feeling renewed and invigorated and ready to again attack my children's educations. Mia (1st) seems like she has developed and grown during the month we took off. She read like a champ!!! Maddy (K) is learning her letters and 1 to 1 ratio in math. The letter of the week is 'K'. Now all I need is a food that starts with a K and we'll be in business. Any ideas?

May I introduce you to Arwen? This has been my covet since before the holidays. I have been knitting on it like a fool since I finished my Christmas knitting (and since my spending spree at lys). The back is a plain rectangle and I thought it would never be done. I HATE purling long rows. But, the results are starting to be worth it!!! I knit on the rectangle in the morning, driving to church, driving from church, watching TV, before bed, outside in the driveway making sure my 2yo ds doesn't run off...... Endless back and forth, back and forth. Slowly but surely the inches appeared!! Then................... this morning my dh got me up early (so I could shake off my sleep coma before the kids hound me) and began the front of Arwen. I have already made a mistake with the cables, but I think it will go unnoticed. This is the most complicated cable pattern that I have attempted yet.

There is the big rectangle and below is the cable in detail. Sorry the pix is kind of fuzzy.

Well, enough blogging and time to get back to Arwen. Not much time before dh comes home and dinner. Then there is very little time for anything but kids, kids, and more kids. Later, cate


Robin said...

I've loved that sweater since the first day I layed eyes on it! Love the color you chose!

dixygirl said...

I'm really lovin' Arwen!

and did you find a "K" fruit? I thought of Kiwi...