Saturday, December 30, 2006

Wish y'all were here and we could visit

Dear Gentle Readers, I appreciate all who have posted to this humble blog and I wish I could share a piece of this cake and some tea with you all right now. I have enjoyed getting to know each of you this past year. The support and encouragement y'all have given me as I have learned to spin has meant a lot to me. Can't wait to see you all in January.

So, I am blogging and eating a piece of this cake. Can't think of anything nicer that I would rather be doing. Blogging has given me an outlet to show off my new spinning hobby. I love looking at other blogs and learning from them and getting new ideas.

This chocolate cake recipe is from the new Barefoot Contessa cookbook. I read the recipe and got my cocoa out. Guess what? It is almost exactly the same as the recipe on the back of the Hershey cocoa box. The same except for the addition of coffee instead of boiling H2O and the icing is different. Absolutely divine!

I am now the proud creator of 4 skeins of the yarn spun from the chestnut roving. I set the twist in some hot water and spun them out in my washing machine. They are currently drying on my grandmother's 60 year old boxwood (oh, I live in her house).

I have a turkey in the oven that needs attending to. I can't believe that we are not sick of turkey yet. Great, cheap meat. DH is supposedly going to make mashed potatoes (I hate doing that). Gonna buzz up some cranberries and a tangerine for relish. so, I'm out. cate

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