Wednesday, January 10, 2007

moths and birds

There are moths in my house. I am assuming that they are the mealy ones from the pantry. They had better be. I am a getting ready to do a complete pantry overhaul. All pastas, rices, mixes, etc.... Are gonna have to be disposed of. My husband just called me into the kitchen (he is doing dishes, sigh..... what a man)and there is a moth shaped like the letter 'T' over the sink. I of course said, "It must die", but he seems to think it is harmless to my woolies. You just wait until he is finished, the thing's moments are numbered.

Well, I didn't wait until he wasn't looking. I just marched in there, picked up a wet rag, and mooshed it against my rose yellow backsplash. He actually said, "Owhhhh, you came over here just to do that, didn't you." I just smiled and sauntered back to y'all out there in cyberspace. He really is a softie underneath his manly man exterior. Here is another example: I have seen my husband get a baby bird from our cat, Mouser, a great hunter, and wring it's neck just to put it out of its' suffering. I was proud of him. He didn't let the feline torture it to death after the bird had already received a mortal wound (there was no saving the bird).

I know that might make us unpopular with animal lovers, of which I am one, but......... unfortunately, that is life. A cycle of life and death. (at least the cat didn't eat it alive)

So, now I have posted about murdering moths and putting baby birds out of their misery. How is that for an uplifting, Tuesday night post? hmmmmm

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IndigoMuse said...

You are too funny. And after a bout with moths several years ago, I panic everytime I find one in the house. We try with most pests to take them outside without killing them though. I worry too much about the bad karma :)