Friday, January 12, 2007

I finished the left side of Arwen. That includes the hood, left sleeve, and left side of front. Whew... It took quite a while. Even though this is a TERRIBLE picture, it shows the lovely long cable that is unbroken up over the shoulder and over the head. I have started the right side, and have not made very much progress as I spent the ENTIRE day yesterday (when I had time) studying about blogs.

May I just say...... that the learning curve of blogging is much higher than knitting AND spinning. I am learning an entire other language, and it ain't French. By the end of the day, I felt like I had after a grueling day of study in grad school. Kind of spacey and slightly nauseous. I was so frustrated because photobucket didn't like me. Neither did blogrolling . In fact, I still haven't received e-mail confirmation from one of them to even get started. I am proud of the fact, however, that I got a button of Arwen's KAL to show up, even though, it is not placed accurately. Many thanx to Robin for letting me show up for a quick lesson at the library. (how do you like all my hyperlinks????)

I have big plans for the weekend. On Sunday, my dh and I are going to pick up my mother in Havelock, NC and take her to New Bern, NC for an overnight trip. Any of you out there who are prayer warriors, please pray as my mother and brother (whom she lives with) are both bipolar. Mom is NOT in good health either and I am questioning the wisdom of doing an overnight with her, but, if I don't, my brother may decide I am free game for a bipolar rage. I hardly ever see mom and am looking forward to a brief visit. I love her dearly but can only be with her in short amounts before she starts to get to me.

I have tried to find a 2 bedroom suite in New Bern, but it is hard. Andy, dh, and I absolutely CANNOT stay in the same room with her because she snores like a freight train. I am not exaggerating. I don't know how one little woman can make noises like that awake, much less asleep. Because of her health and mental health I don't feel comfortable with her being out of my immediate supervision. Going to see her is a HUGE DEAL for me. I have been co-guardian with my bro and personally taken care of her finances for 6 years. When we first went to court, mom and I didn't speak for 3 years following.

I will get tons of time to knit, though, on the 7 hour drive down. Havelock, is right next to Moorehead City. Hope I don't get car sick. All that cabling might do it from Arwen. I need a plain knit for all that. Maybe, I will start the lime green alpaca for a shawl. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Mom will be jealous and try to scam it from me. She is, after all, the one responsible for my knitting.

On top of all that, my ds has a fever. Yeah. I am letting it cook whatever infection is in him out. I think it just secondary infection from the cold we have all been fighting. Well..... gotta go make a stab at school with the girls and rent a car for Sunday. Again, pray for us. Thanks and I appreciate you all. cate


Robin said...

YOU DID IT!!!WOOHOO!!! Sorry about Photobucket...but you should be able to go right in with your id & password!
Love the Arwen!! I wanna make it!!

Good Luck this weekend!

IndigoMuse said...

I had major problems getting photobucket set up too. So I just switched to flickr and LOVE it! The website is Good luck with your weekend plans and I'll send up some prayers for ya.