Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Just another day

If only my day had started with my new roving...... Alas... I was not able to even touch the glorious cotswald/silk blend in lucious greens, yellows, and periwinkles...

Well, I've had a crappy day so far. Mostly because I am frustrated beyond belief. Got up early as usual (remember be bragging about the glories of getting 'disciplined'?) Well, that is shot to %$#@%$#@%$#@%$#@%#$, excuse my french. Anyway, the little buggers have sonar or radar with me as their sole target. I mosey 1 toe out from under the covers and WHAMMY. They are all up. And hungry. And need all kinds of help to do WHATEVER they think is important and necessary to their little lives. Do they do this for thier father???? no non nyet Just me. I didn't get to drink java solo, knit a stitch, or even spin a bit (and they want me to converse, be pleasant and fun). Then to top things off, no one remembers ANYTHING that they have learned at all in their school careers. Then, I am not used to the cold weather....... How much more can I complain? Believe it or not I am trying to be amusing as I whine as well . Am I failing miserably?? Probably so.

It is now 1:20 and almost Room Time. Whoever thought that great idea up needs a medal. No one naps anymore so, I need a break (no, blogging does not count, where do you think the little buggers are located right now, hmmmm). They, surprisingly, do not share my enthusiasm for this activity, but I will persevere as my sanity is at sake. Only 1.5 hours and I can finally get my java solo. Did y'all read Yarn Harlot today.... I can relate, except my kids are a decade younger.

Gonna go check out the Arwen knit along. http://acardiganforarwen.blogspot.com


dixygirl said...

You're welcome for the "kiwi" :)

my email is dixygirl@cox.net

IndigoMuse said...

Yeah, mine have Momdar too though it has dulled as they've gotten older. Love that roving. Where'd you score that beautiful stuff?