Sunday, January 07, 2007

librarians rock

I just have to publicly thank Robin Frasier and Tanya (sorry, forgot your last name) for answering all my 'how to blog' questions. The most with the computer I have ever been able to do is word process, e-mail, and shop. Some google, but I learned that from yet another librarian. HTML is not just another foreign tongue, it is ALIEN!!! It just goes to show you that librarians are the rockingest people on the planet!!!

So, Robin e-mailed me a cool counter website. Being that this is just a little bitty blog, I don't expect much, but am excited nonetheless. If any of you out there, my cyber friends and RVspin/knit friends don't have a blog, I would encourage you to GO FOR IT!!! I am having a ball. And I get to show off my kids, my stuff and my world. I can't believe anyone is interested in any of the stuff that I do but I read all of y'alls as well...... so, I guess that explains it.

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Robin said...'re close Frasier is Scottish!