Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Post Christmas

Christmas is done. whew..... That was a lot of work. Had a great day, though. The kids were the most fun they have EVER been. Lots of squealing and 'thank-you's' and 'I love it' going around. We had bought the girls their very own mini tea sets. When I asked them at brunch which gift they liked the best, both of them said (they didn't know that the tea sets were from us, yet) that they liked the tea sets the best!!!!!! Amazing. I actually got them the gift they liked the best.

Now comes clean up time. The list of 'to do' seems endless. There are toys and decorations everywhere. We have been so busy that all my usual housework has gone by the wayside. I, however, have been very bad. I am reading instead of straightening up. Reading really is a 'bad' habit of mine. I love fiction and I get caught up in a story to the neglect of all the 'good' stuff I should be doing. I'm not even knitting or spinning. Very rarely, do I let a book get me like this. It's not even a good book. Just a relaxing 'no brainer.' I think I need to just zone out today, and get back to my usual productive self tomorrow.

Come next Tuesday, school starts for us again here at home. My New Year's resolution will be to get up at 6:30ish (before kids) and have some quiet time with coffee or a book (maybe not). Then, after I am not comatose any longer, fix the kids breakfast, and then get school done before the kids are allowed to play or watch TV. This needs to happen because I am schooling 2 kids now. One in 1st grade (Amelia) and 1 in Kindergarten (Madeline). As for Ethan, he is gonna have to fend mostly for himself.

Enough about me. Maybe, I will post some of my new wool I am spinning. Have a great day, Catie

Oh yeah, btw, mil and sil loved the scarves I had made them!!!!

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Robin said...

Happy New Year!!