Friday, December 22, 2006

Musings on waffles and spinning

This is my lovey husband's contribution to the cooking in the family!! In my opinion, he is a master, waffle maker. He does the WHOLE operation!! Then, I, get to eat. He even cleans up!! He does this about 1 or 2 times a month. We have been married 9.5 years now, and he is great at breakfasts!!

Here, dh, is adding chopped pecans to whole wheat waffles. I just finished mine with real maple syrup. yum. Have you noticed that food tastes better when you don't make it?

This yarn was spun out of some of David Simpson's merino and silk colorways. This blue is really bright, but it is really navy. I don't know how he dyes his stuff, but the colors are spectacular. They are almost alive and even a beginner spinner like me, can make it look good. This WAS a colorimetry head thing ( for my my friend Ann. But, you know who, DID NOT CHECK HER GAUGE, and it was 3 x's too big. So I ripped it out, measured my own head, and recast. Maybe, I'll model the finished product for you.

Ah, Koigu................. The pinkish ball is color #5 and the other is color #6 (out of 12). This might take me a year to finish, but it is sooooo lovely. Thank you again Diana, for sharing your pattern with me. Also, the ball of Koigu. That is going in soon.

Last, but certainly not least, some skeins that I have spun. I just love looking at them. I still can't believe that I can spin. Wow. And to knit up some stuff that you have spun..... I can't describe the feeling. Makes me feel like someone from the past, someone who is relatively self-sufficient. I can't think of any other way to describe it. It is not pride, not accomplishment, just a sense of .............................. If you can name what it is I am feeling then post. PLEASE!!

Maybe, it just a sense of connection to women who have gone before me. Kind of like making bread. maybe

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Robin said...

Lovin' that camera aren't you! Great when is the next time waffles are on the menu and what time shall I come over?

Merry Christmas!